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[DIR]hyperalignment_tutorial_data/05-May-2015 06:22 - Data and results for PyMVPA tutorial
[DIR]tutorial_data/06-May-2015 10:15 - Data and results for PyMVPA tutorial
[DIR]face_inversion_demo/11-Aug-2010 15:20 - Eye-gaze tracking data for a face inversion experiment demo
[DIR]haxby2001/11-Nov-2014 21:00 - Haxby et al. (2001): Faces and Objects in Ventral Temporal Cortex
[DIR]mnist/14-Jan-2010 13:38 - The MNIST Database Of Handwritten Digits
[TXT]README.rst07-Feb-2014 15:43 307 Dataset Database

This server distributes a number of datasets that are interesting in the
context of multivariate pattern analysis. Please, go to

for a comprehensive description, or visit the respective directories on this